• Hadoop Essentials Training Class

    Learn the basics of Hadoop for your evaluation of future courses.

    Data Storage

    Does your cup of data runneth over? Discover solutions for safe storage.
  • Are you Asking the Right Questions of your Big Data?

    Learn how to Ask the Questions that Deliver Valuable Answers.

    Customer Insights

    CIO and CMO - one in the same role. Does it make sense for better customer insights? A Goodwill Case Study.
  • Big Data is Big Medicine

    Applications of Big Data in Healthcare.

    Big Profits changed to Big Decisions

    Using Predictive Analytics for better business decisions.
  • Big Data, Bigger Protection?

    IT security solutions protecting data against emerging threats. A panel discussion.

    Shop the IoT

    Come browse the Internet of Things: connecting people, processes and BIG DATA.
  • Technology Gap

    How do we encourage expertise in data sciences and data analytics? A panel presentation.

    Trends in Big Data

    Trends in BIG DATA - How to prepare for the future.
  • Solving the Genomics Puzzle

    Using BIG DATA to de-code the genomics puzzle.

    Threatening Analysis

    How Data Analytics is saving babies. A Case Study presented by Montrial Harrell, Chief Data Steward, Indiana Office of Technology (IOT).